This page is dedicated to restoring vintage motorcycles.

I am a Financial Planner in Johnson City, TN, and restoring motorcycles is my weekend hobby.   With the help of Kris Edwards, a mechanic for the past 8 years at the local Kawasaki dealership, and John Townsend, who does all of the paint work for the Harley Davidson shop here in Johnson City; we have restored 40 motorcycles since 2003.  Without Kris and John’s help, I would have had a hard time bringing these old motorcycles back to life and looking like new.   Most of the bikes we have restored have not been run in twenty years or so or were box bikes that someone started to restore and never finished.

Restoring bikes makes a middle-aged man feel 25 years younger – To be able to work with your hands to bring a tired old bike back to life is such a great feeling.  I love the smell of oil and to hear the sounds and rumbles!  It gives me personal satisfaction as these tired old bikes become shiny and new once again.

I like sharing these photographs with other collectors and hope they will be a big help to those who are restoring bikes.

Please look at this page often as we are starting to restore several more bikes.  Once restored, "before" and "after" pictures will be shown.  We plan to sell the spare parts on eBay.  You can find me on eBay as Kingroadhog.   

We buy old bikes. If you have one to sell, please give me a call at 423-283-0094 or email me at sdavis@totalinsuranceplanners.com with the information.  Our goal is to have fifty bikes restored within the next couple of years and possibly open a museum in this area.

I hope you have a great time going down memory lane and that you have many fond memories as you look at these photos!

Thanks for looking and God Bless!

Shawn Davis

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